Selection skills of drain


1. Determine your needs: First, you need to define your drainage needs. For example, how much water do you need to drain? How far do you have to drain? Is your drainage need permanent or temporary? The answers to these questions will help you choose the right drain size and model.

2. Consider space: When choosing a drain, you need to consider the space in which it will be installed. Smaller spaces may be better suited for smaller drains, while larger spaces may require larger drains. You also need to consider factors such as the bend radius of the drain and the spacing of the supports.

3. Consider your budget: Prices of drains vary across different sizes, models and dimensions. You need to choose the right drain according to your budget. While considering the price, you also need to consider factors such as quality and durability.

4. Material selection: Different drain pipe materials have different characteristics and applicable scenarios. For example, PVC-U drain pipe has better corrosion resistance and durability, while PP-R drain pipe has better environmental protection and high temperature resistance. You need to choose the right material according to your needs.

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